Panasonic KX-TS2308

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Panasonic KX-TS2308

Put the Phone Down While You Talk
A speakerphone gives you the convenience of fielding your phone calls hands-free. It's especially useful for group or business situations, such as conference calls, when others in the room can easily join the conversation.

Push one button to make a call
Do you make frequent calls to the same numbers? If so, this phone will make life easier for you. With 20 one-touch stations available, you can call your most frequent called numbers with the push of a single button.

Hang It on a Wall to Free Up Desk Space
This phone system can be hung on a wall to free up desk or counter space. This is especially helpful in kitchens or offices, where desk and counter space is at a premium.




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Easy use DECT phone

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Professional splashproof Walkie-Talkie Set with 10 km range.

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